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Saget La Perrière

Saget La Perrière



The caves at Domaine de la Perrière were naturally carved 200 million years ago. The caves are also the ideal location to age the wines from the 106 acres of the estate’s Sancerre vineyards, located in the districts of Bannay, Verdigny, Saint-Satur, Crézancy and Vinon. These terroirs are where Sauvignon Blanc can best express the symphony of its mineral and grassy aromas in harmony with the flinty soils to create powerful wines with impressive ageing potential. The designation of “Silex” for this wine refers to the region’s Silex, or flinty soil, that runs in a narrow band along a fault line passing under the town of Sancerre.

Stretching from one side of the country to the other, the river of kings has been the homeland of our family for nine generations. Originally from Pouilly-sur-Loire, we decided over twenty years ago to head off in search of other treasures that our beautiful wine region could offer. over the years, our quest led us along both banks of the river, reaching out to local winegrowers and terroirs.

Saget la Perrière signature brands epitomize the hallmark accessibility and freshness of Loire wines. Guy Saget embraces a unique showcase range of Loire appellations whilst La Perrière, the cradle of Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir, offers a charming, multi-faceted array of the Central Loire's two prime grape varieties and Château de la Mulonnière emblematic grape variety, Chenin Blanc fully displays its versatility through it home in Anjou.


Sancerre (Loire Valley), France

Varietal Composition

100% Sauvignon Blanc


After cold static settling for 48 hours, the clear must ferments in temperature controlled vats between 64° and 71°F for approximately 10 days. After three weeks, we start to pump over the fine lees to give the wine freshness, volume and finesse. This phase lasts five months.

Tasting Notes

Beautiful and bright appearance. This fine wine is well-balanced and fruity with aromas of citrus and gun flint. On the palate, the wine is full-bodied, marked by very mature, supple and sophisticated substance.