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Saget La Perrière



In 1790, the Saget family embarked upon a long history dedicated to vines and wine, firmly placing Saget among just a handful of estates that can enjoy their third successive century of business. Generations of our family have worked to create our signature Saget La Petite Perrière wines- melding the perfect balance, a blend of richness and
elegance via the meticulous selection of grapes, expertly crafted by our skilled winemakers for the La Perrière wines. The new designation of Vin de France offered us the opportunity to explore and discover the ideal balance between the fruitiness of those varieties grown in the south and their acidity when produced in the northern region (Loire) and thus La Petite Perrière wines were created. The Vin de France designation is utilized for the entire La
Petite Perrière range. La Petite Perrière Pinot Noir is largely sourced from our own estate vineyards in Touraine (Loire Valley) and a part of the blend is sourced from the South of France through our long term partners and thus the sourcing for our la Petite Perrière Rosé is the same.


Vin de France, France

Varietal Composition

100% Pinot Noir


The grapes are mechanically harvested in the middle of September. This vintage had lower yields, due to adverse climate conditions (heavy rains, a chilly spring, lack of sun and dry weather during the harvest time) and thus the growing cycle was delayed. However, these conditions give us a wine with excellent acidity.

Tasting Notes

A pale, shiny and slightly pink color. The complex delicate nose is a subtle blend of rose petal, grenadine and berries. The attack on the palate is supple, light and fresh. The finish is a pleasant softness, enhanced by a slight vivacity, which accompanies fresh aromas of raspberry and grenadine. To drink as an aperitif with summer salads or grilled chicken but also with Chinese dishes.