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Lucien Albrecht is one of the most distinguished and long standing brands in Alsace. Regarded as a pioneer of viticulture, beginning in 1425 when Romanus Albrecht started the winery, Albrecht is responsible for many advancements and innovations in the region, such as being one of the three founding fathers of the regulated Crémant d’Alsace. Albrecht’s goal is to always “respect the grapes” and to respect nature. Albrecht believes Alsace is truly one of the most versatile and exciting white wine producing regions in the world and looks to share their unique terroir thru their outstanding wines. The wines are perfect examples of the Albrecht style in each varietal and the pinnacle of Alsace quality.


Alsace, France

Varietal Composition

100% Riesling


The winemaking of our premium range focuses on the varietal character and the fruit. The grapes are hand harvested at optimal maturity and pressed in pneumatic presses. The pressing is broken down into three parts: Cuveé (0-0.6 Bars), Taille (0.6-1.2 Bars), and Rebèche (1.2-2 Bars) taking 4 hours in total. The juice is decanted in order to begin with a clean and clear must. Selected neutral yeasts are added to start the alcoholic fermentation. The fermentation takes place in temperature controlled stainless steel vats (64° Fahrenheit / 18°Celsius) for 4 to 6 weeks. Followed by a maturing on the fine lees for another 2 to 3 months. The wines are then racked, cold stabilized and go through a light filter (Kieselguhr). The wine is finished and stays in tempered tank until the bottling. The wines are generally bottled between 8 and 10 months following the harvest.

Tasting Notes

Riesling is the King of Alsace and among the world’s greatest grapes. Pale, yellow with golden hints. Nice aromatic intensity with notes of citrus peels, lime and blossom. Straight forward, fresh, good acidity and persistence. The palate matches the nose with a great freshness, tension and a lime finish. The wine is bone dry, delicious and considered the signature wine of the Albrecht family.

90 pts

Wine Enthusiast 11/16

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