Stu Marfell

Technical Data

7.9 g/L - pH: 3.14


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From the distant silhouetted mountains behind us to the indigo blue ocean before us, the Marlborough countryside is world famous and undeniably romantic. Our home, the celebrated Wairau Valley, is a place of wistful beauty and extraordinary terroir. Our history is rich and colourful. Goldwater was founded in 1978, making us among the oldest wine producers in New Zealand. For more than three decades our talented viticultural and winemaking teams have worked diligently to create wines that mirror the character and personality of our unique coastal region. There is a windswept elegance to Marlborough’s famed Wairau Valley, it is both the heart of the district and home to some of the country’s most famous wines. The region takes its name from the Wairau River, which flows from the alpine ranges in the west to the ocean at Cloudy Bay. Wines from the Wairau Valley are rich, elegant, generous and concentrated.


Wairau Valley (Marlborough), New Zealand

Varietal Composition

100% Sauvignon Blanc

Vintage Notes

Our growing season in the Wairau Valley is defined by moderate temperatures, chilly nights and little rainfall. The combination of low-fertility soils and a cool climate naturally restricts yields and intensifies the fruit flavors in our wines. We practice sustainable viticultural methods to ensure the long-term viability of our land and to capture the authenticity of our region. All of our vineyards are carefully managed with a focus on quality rather than quantity. We gently harvest during the cool morning hours to retain the bright, pristine characteristics of the grapes. With the fruit arriving at our winery possessing such extraordinary flavours and textures, our primary task is to preserve and enhance those elements.


After harvesting, we gently press the fruit and cold settle the juice before transferring to temperature controlled stainless steel tanks for fermentation.

Tasting Notes

Our Sauvignon Blanc shows the influence of our unique climate and complex soils. The aromas and flavors are packed with grapefruit, passionfruit and melon. The palate is crisp, bold, well balanced and refreshing.

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